Laser Treatment for Gums

Showing excessive or an uneven display of gum tissue can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is much more than healthy, straight white teeth; it’s made up of gums, lips, and teeth—and all three most complement each other instead of overpowering one another. Common problems in gum tissue can be too much display of gum tissue, a "gummy smile," or asymmetry in the soft tissue display.

What is a Gummy Smile?

A "gummy" smile is actually a very common problem caused by overgrown gum tissue that covers the teeth. This unsightly occurrence can be caused by a variety of things, including heredity, health conditions, and even the use of many common high blood pressure medications. A gummy smile can dominate the mouth, making the teeth seem almost secondary in appearance. 

Laser Treatment for a Gummy Smile

Dr. Pape uses laser treatment to correct the appearance of a gummy smile. This procedure is quick and can sometimes be completed in one office visit. In the procedure, Dr. Pape will use a laser to gently reshape the gum tissue above your teeth, revealing your natural teeth below and resulting in a more even smile.

Dr. Pape performs laser treatment for gums to correct a gummy smile and improve self-confidence

Laser treatment for gums procedure and porcelain veneers performed by Dr. Pape.

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